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Event Management Talent Management Paragon

Paragon provide Hospitality, Event Management & Talent Management. We are your ONE LIVE PARTNER for brands in the UK & overseas.

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Poultry Feed Products | Cattle Feed Supplement| Aquaculture

Tripura Livestock Nutritional Feed Supplements supply the poultry feed products. Cattle feed supplement and aquaculture to make a profitable Business proposition.

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Best Calcium Lactate Supplement | Feed Supplement | Tripura Biotech

CAL-LACTIC is cost effective Bio Technology Formulation and Derivative of Organic acid. It prevents Calcium deficiencies and enhances high Milk production.

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Riki global

We are the direct authorized importer & distributor in India for Ace, HiChrom and Cogent brand of HPLC Columns, HM brand of Filter Papers / Membranes, and RSolv Lab Safety Products.....

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Bioinformatics Services

Bioinformatics Services, Biosimilars Characterization Peptide and protein analysis, Gene expression data analysis microarray, ESTs, RNA seq , ChIP seq ChIP chip, NGS Genomics, including variations such as SNPs, indels CNVs metagenomics , Protein protein interactions pathway analysis

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